Our Roots. Our Mission. Our Passion.

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Our Roots.

Stephen A. Hart

My name is Stephen A. Hart.  I’m a brand and marketing professional, serial entrepreneur, husband, father, and believer.  I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, but I reside today in Maryland just outside Washington D.C.

I’ve found myself in the past couple years frustrated by everything that mentions black people in my news feed.  Doesn’t matter if it’s Twitter, Facebook, cable news, radio or newspapers.  Most all of the media’s portrayal and stories around black people have a negative tone.  And the only people that are touted as role models for our kids are the athletes, musicians, and these reality tv peeps. Not knocking them, but there are so many more black men and women who are doing amazing things and have the ability to help us all, by sharing their stories!

So, as I looked around my own community, and saw friends and colleagues who were crushing it, and succeeding at pursuing their own passions {whatever that was}, I knew that we had to share their stories, and begin building a community of real people doing dope things.  But more importantly, we wanted a diverse spread of people, backgrounds, occupations, and experiences. We wanted you to hear from people that look like you, sound like you and have gone through some valleys that you can identify with, and thereby inspire and motivate you to navigate similarly tough experiences that will most certainly come as you push forward.

And with that, on February 1, 2016, The Trailblazers.FM Podcast was born.

Our Mission.

The Trailblazers.FM podcast explores stories of successful black professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives and corporate leaders.

Our mission is to highlight the wisdom, resources and tools of today’s most accomplished everyday trailblazers, to help you gain the know-how, confidence and motivation you need to blaze your own trail.

We are here to help you rise above and go way beyond!

Our Passion.

Trailblazers.FM looks to serve today’s young professionals, side hustlers, entrepreneurs, and busy working professionals who are working hard to rise above and go beyond their present place and position.

We are inspired to help those that are bold, spontaneous, and comfortable pushing boundaries.  If you’ve got a hunger and desire to be the best possible version of you, then you’ll find our community offers you a place to improve your swagger and push the limits on what the rest of society tells you you should do or be or accept.

Join Us!

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